How To Choose The Right Garage Door For Your Home

Living in Florida, a garage door isn’t just a safety feature on your home that can prevent unwanted individuals from entering the premises, but an honest way to add much needed curb appeal. In fact, your garage door is probably the first thing that people will notice when looking at your home! However, selecting the right garage door goes beyond appearances and you also need to take function and longevity into consideration. Here are a few solid tips to help you choose!

1. Materials

Wood garage doors aren’t just expensive but require a great deal of maintenance! In fact, wood doors are hardly what one would consider long-lasting without proper upkeep. Better alternatives to wood garage doors include composite wood options or inexpensively disguised steel. Both of these are more affordable than wood while offering a lifetime of faithful service.

2. Color And Style

The style as well as the color of your garage door are prominent factors in making a final decision whether to make the investment. You always need to make a realistic decision about what complements your home! For example, if you have a 50’s ranch style property, you wouldn’t want to purchase a contemporary modern door in gray. You need to always consider functionality while making sure you seamlessly blend your door right in.

3. Function

You need a garage door that won’t just function for years but will do so without fail. A garage door on its own is nothing without springs and an opener! When purchasing a door for your property, you also need to invest in the right springs to move your door quickly. One mistake that many homeowners make in this category is to select the cheapest option when they could upgrade to springs that last twice as long for a bit more money. The garage door opener is another area where mistakes can be made as going too cheap may end up costing efficiency as well as functionality.

4. Installation

It’s an undisputed fact that most homeowners will want to take a DIY approach to garage door installation, but it is always advised against. It is the single easiest way to get hurt or destroy a perfect garage door beyond repair. When making a new door purchase take the ease of installation into consideration because it can make or break your budget. The more complicated it is to install a door, the more you can expect to pay a garage door company in order to get your door up and running.

Selecting the right garage door for your home shouldn’t be done quickly! It’s a decision that can and will affect your property for years to come. A well thought out and properly installed garage door can last you for years to come with very limited maintenance necessary, but you need to make the right investment from the start. Make sure you don’t cut corners, choose something low quality or attempt to install the door without a professional!

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