PRLHS PTO Meeting: January 26, 2011

This meeting was scheduled to recruit new members in order to keep the PRLHS PTO active. We did see new people attend the meeting therefore it was decided to keep pushing on & try to get even more members.

The old minutes were read by Dana Douglas and approved.

Old Business:
Camille let everyone know who had paid their dues. The officers elected last fall will stay the same: Sue Easley, Vice-president, Camille Riley, Treasurer.

New Business:
Shelley Brooks was voted President, we will have a rotating secretary each month until someone would like to be elected to this position. Dana Douglas will take the minutes for Jan meeting. Kathy Mortensen will take the minutes for the Feb meeting. Camille Riley and Shelley Brooks will need to sign the signature cards at Panhandle Bank to update our records and a copy of the minutes will be supplied to the Panhandle for the same.

Fun fundraiser/membership drive. Some fun ideas were brought up. Halftime entertainment between baseball/softball games, homerun derby, put the uniform on & run the bases, hamburger feed. Shelley will check with Brandi on a date, all agreed the later the better due to the weather.

Put on the agenda for the PTO to check the status of the State monies due to the graduating senior class parents to host their nonalcoholic/drug free graduation party. It has slipped through the cracks and Shelley agrees to find out about this.

Dinner/auction for athletics/academics is still being discussed and we will be informed when there is a definite date. PTO would like to help with this event.

After school program is up and running. Paula & Dawn are doing Thursday & Fridays from the Gear Up funds. Dana made a motion and Kathy seconded that the PTO donate $100.00 to keep it running. Motion passed.

Candi Turner came & gave an informative talk on the direction Mr. Luna Superintendent of Schools in the State of Idaho is headed. We are encouraged to understand this and let our senators know how we feel about these issues.

Awards recognition is February 11, 2011 and Pat on the Back Awards.

Next meeting is February 23, 2011 at 4pm.